Structured Finance

structured financeAmong our Corporate Finance and Advisory services includes structured finance, aimed at creating an organized financial structure for our clients. Through structured finance, our clients get financial advice on acquisition and disposal of business, generation of capital and investment funds, and other ancillary and subsidiary services as well. In consonance with the aims of this service, we also provide strategic planning on capital and debt structure, joint ventures, feasibility studies, and fund placements. We cater to clients both in the private and public sector, as well as high net-worth individuals looking for structured finance.

Strategic Financial Advisory

Structured finance may be achieved through having strategic financial plans. We provide our clients with the same with the combination of our expertise and experience in the field. By being equipped with these two essential factors, our clients get unparalleled strategic financial advisory services.

Feasibility Studies.

Our structured finance commence with the undertaking of feasibility studies. Through validating market trends and theories, we are able to commit decisions that have sound bases; thus, guaranteeing its success.

Corporate Structuring:

With corporate structuring, we are able to provide our clients with the strategic plans that suit their current assets; involving their manpower. By considering the factors that affect the mechanism of each organization, we are able to come up with bespoke structured management advice and assistance.

Key Areas of Structured Finance

Identification of target opportunities for investment– through this, we are able to identify a investment opportunities for our client, and advice them on the best investment scheme for the same.

Portfolio Optimization:

An optimized portfolio means a diversified one, and a diversified one means casting a wider safety net for our clients’ investments and assets.

Independent and Relevant.

Our structured finance service, while anchored on the current market trends, is anchored on the specific needs and capacities of our clients as well.