financeReal Estate Investment and Management:

Real Estate Investment is an intricate investment strategy, but if managed well and sound, can bring about substantial financial yield. Our Real Estate Investment and Management service covers the every aspect of this investment management– purchase, ownership, management, to sale for profit. We make sure that our client is able to maximize potential profit every step of the way, as much as we guarantee to provide them with the best real estate investment and management service that should provide them with actual gain from dealings with the same. Considered as a capital investment, your real estate investments should be managed well in order to maximize its benefits. Read more


Venture Capital and Private Equity:

GCFI provides Venture Capital and Private Equity services that adhere to the most efficient and effective practices in the industry. We provide our clients with a holistic service, assisting them throughout the entire process of and cycle of the investment. From fund structuring, to investment, and strategic investments, we are here to assist pout clients every step of the way. Read more


IPO Investment and Private Placement:

Private Placement and IPO are financial strategies that require ample knowledge in the market trends along with exposure to the proven strategies in these investment schemes. Private Placement is the transfer of securities to a limited number of qualified investors by sale, while IPO or Initial Public Offering is the transfer by sale of shares to the general public. In both Private Placement and IPO, the assistance of global capital finance and investment company is called for, from looking for the qualified institutional investors and individuals, to the transfer of the shares as well. Read more