gcfi15Investment Strategy:

We know understand the hard work implied in every wealth; thus, it is only appropriate to undertake necessary measures to maintain the same assets, if not multiply it altogether. With this, we offer Investment Strategy services to companies, organizations, and individuals that are a product of our extensive years of experience in the industry along with our proven skills in the investment trade. Read more


Investers Funding:

As a part of our global capital finance and investment services, we also provide a platform for aspiring investors to look for and find start-up companies that seek for additional capital and investment. Read more


Start up Companies Looking for Investors:

Start-up companies looking to expand their capital should opt to be a part of our listings to acquire investors. GCFI believes in the potential of start-up companies with a definite development plan set in place, and we know that with ample funds, companies will be able to achieve each plan after another, resulting to the company’s growth. Read more


People With New Ideas Looking for Funding:

Start-up businesses and companies require ample funds in order to carry out their organizational plans. As these plans are drawn towards the mainstreaming and expansion of their business and distribution of their products and service, these plans require execution if business prosperity is what is being sought for. For this very reason, GCFI offers start-up business and investors listing, providing for a venue for both these parties to mutually benefit from one another. With this, we are able to offer solutions beyond your usual global capital finance and investment company. Read more