Financial Advisory Services

structured financeGCFI provides financial advisory services for clients in every and all industries, anchored on our belief that a sound financial advisory service is one that is integrated in its approach, identifying the opportunities in the market along with managing effectively the uncertainties in the same.

Our financial advisory service also implements a multi-disciplinary approach, employing the expertise of professionals in different key industries such as banking and capital market, private equity, asset management, tax, assurance, and transaction services. By having a team of professionals pooling in their resources to come up with a consolidated financial advice, we cover every important aspect in our client’s assets and investments.


Feasibility Analyses.  Our financial advisory service includes feasibility studies and analyses, allowing us to identify new prospects and projects, and their possible rates of success. Through the feasibility studies that we undertake for our clients, they are empowered to come up with crucial decisions affecting their organization with ample solid, reliable bases.

Financial Structure Standards.  As our aim is to be one of the leading global capital finance and investment company within and beyond our locality, we make sure that we set standards for our services, and that we deliver financial advisory service that is at par with the most effective and widely-adapted financial and investment strategies.

Effective Economic Techniques.  GCFI implements effective economic techniques that are drawn towards working for the benefit of our clients. We take advantage of the opportunities presented by the market and the modern economic trends to maximize the investments and market opportunities for them as well.

Our financial advisory services also extend from the financial advisory and strategic financial and investment planning to the actual execution of these financial and investment advice. We also make sure that along the way, all the processes are properly documented and executed, while tracking its progress and success.