Fiduciary Services

GCFI provides a wide range of fiduciary services in line with our global capital finance and investment services, covering advisory, research, and market analysis both in the local and international scope. Our fiduciary services are also undertaken by professionals in finance and investment-- a guarantee that our clients get sound financial and investment advice and assistance.

Financial Advisory

             Mergers and Acquisitions.  Mergers and acquisition affect the very corporate identity of   your organization, and this implies crucial decision-making for everyone on your organization, requiring the expert assistance of our professionals.

            IPO and Private Placements.  Expanding your capital may mean engaging in IPOs or Private Placement, nevertheless calling for the investment professionals as well.

            Generation of Investment Fund.  We offer holistic, all-in-one investment funds generation advice and strategy for organizations in every and all industries.

            Assets and Real Estate Management.  Real estate management is an important aspect in the furtherance and maintenance of your current assets, and if without the right advice and measures in your asset's securities, you may not be able to make the best out of it.

            Corporate Advisory.  We provide the widest range of ancillary corporate advisory services for organizations, high net-worth individuals, companies, and entities in both the private and public sector.

            Research and Analysis.  Expanding your market and aiming for global capital finance may require ample research and analysis of the trends and other pertinent factors affecting the international finance and investment scene. We conduct research and analysis for international markets.

            Local Market Analysis.  Our pool of market research professionals and analysis are equipped with the skills and tools to provide you with a comprehensive local market analysis, along with the fitting financial and investment advice for your purpose. Through this service, clients are able to commit to sound and effective investments schemes and strategies.


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